Red Team

  • Determining the attack target and gathering the necessary information about the organization
  • Simulating actual attacks on the organization by getting access through network penetration
  • Expanding access to the target using different methods
  • Presenting a report of the attack development process, successful and unsuccessful used methods
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Security Operation Center

  • Assessing the quality of security in organizations
  • Analyzing and responding to identified incidents and reporting to different levels of the organization
  • Threat Hunting
  • Vulnerability management and security settings
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Penetration Test

  • Evaluation of web domain, web services, mobile, desktop, network, and security equipment
  • Identification of security vulnerabilities in IT systems and infrastructures
  • Fixing security vulnerabilities and rechecking them
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Threat Hunting

  • Searching and checking unusual behaviors in the network structure of the organization
  • Finding hidden malware of attackers and modifying the organization's security system
  • Presenting a management report of the results and providing technical and strategic suggestions
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Incident Response

  • Comprehensive identification and investigation of security incidents
  • Restraining the threats and monitoring damaged systems
  • Presenting a management report of the results and technical details
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Governance, Risk management, and Compliance

  • Developing documentation and system design based on regulatory requirements and international standards
  • Identifying and managing security risks of the organization
  • Analyzing the organization's status gap about the formulated laws
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