How does Spara Incident Response work?

At first, by examining the reports of events and people's activities, we track down the attackers, identify the scope of their activities, and eliminate their access.

Then, the process of securing all the vulnerable points begins to prevent another attack and restores the internal systems as much as possible to the previous state.

After ensuring that the organization's infrastructure is safe, we check the tools and methods used by the attackers and report some information about them.

Ultimately, we will prevent future attacks by securing the organization's infrastructure and tools as much as possible.

How does Spara Incident Response
make your organization more secure?

Immediately after knowing about the threat or attack, we start the operation in the shortest possible time.

We detect as much damage as possible from the attack.

We identify affected sectors, data, and users at risk.

Providing official incident reports allows the organization to pursue the attackers legally.